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HSB 72
HSB 72 Waterflow Regulator
0-10L/min|Inlet and Outlet: R 3/4"|max. Temp.: 80°C HSB 72 Flow regulator|Flow regulators are ideal for regulating the flow of water.|The high quality workmanship enables precise control of each individual zone.|-Compact design with 2 to 12 zones.|-Settings easily replicable after mold change.|-Simple mounting on all brands of machines.|-Precision control valves for accurate...
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RP50 Pressure Test
Pressure: 0-50 bar |Flow volume: 45 ml |G.W /N.W: 8.2/7.7kg |Meas: 51x18x29cm |Water Tank Volume: 12 l|Alumium Pump body |with connecting hose and water tank
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